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Welcome to Trainer Vanacker

Trainer Vanacker is a dedicated multi sport athlete and professional trainer.  He is a certified and experienced group fitness instructor and online coach who loves sharing his passion for fitness with clients all over the world.



Take a look at Trainer Vanacker’s services, find more information in the menu above or contact me on the bottom of the page:

Online Fitness Coaching Programs


Online Coaching

Custom Programs

Every client receives a custom program, designed for you with the goal of reaching your short and long term goals and creating healthy changes in your life!

TRX® Program

12 Week Basic TRX® Program

My 12 week TRX® program will make you stronger, leaner and looking better. All without heavy impact, heavy weights or much equipment!

Kettle Bell

12 Week All Level Kettle Bell Program

The 12 week Kettle Bell program comes with all the information you need: pdf sheets, training guides, nutritional guidance and video tutorials.

Cycling Training Program

12 Week Downloadable Program

A 12 week online training program for recreational cyclists, young competitive riders or entry level competitors. This program will get you prepared for your season, race or event.

Obstacle Race Training Program

Eight Week Prep Program

A 8 week online training program which will get you prepared to finish that obstacle race and protect you against injuries. The program comes with downloadable training programming, exercise library and nutrition guidance.

Beginner HIIT Program

8 Week Body Weight Program

8 weeks of body weight HIIT fun for beginning athletes! No gym membership or equipment required.

Includes nutrition guidance and creative workouts for you to reach your goals. Designed for entry level athletes who want to get more fit.

Weight Lifting

12 week Weight Lifting program

A 12 week online weight lifting program that ensures results! Break through your old routines with this program which will make your body adapt to new stimuli, therefore gets stronger! The program comes with all necessary video tutorials, exercise breakdowns and much more!

Custom Cycling Coaching

Programming for Cyclists

Add more structure and quality to your cycling training with Trainer Vanacker’s custom cycling coaching. Train smarter and become a stronger rider!

No More New Year’s Resolutions

Online HIIT Body Weight Program

8 weeks of body weight HIIT fun! No gym membership or equipment required.

Intermediate Levels.

Includes nutrition guidance and creative workouts for you to reach your goals. No nonsense, just results.







Hamptons, NY Services

Group Fitness

Hamptons, New York

Trainer Vanacker offers group fitness sessions. Whether your goal is weight loss, build mass, improve your health or others, Trainer Vanacker can help you achieve it!

HIIT Bootcamps

Enjoy the Outdoors!

From spring to fall, Trainer Vanacker offers outdoor bootcamps. Switch up your training routine, get some serious results and enjoy the great outdoors!

Self Defense Classes

Any Individual or Groups

Trainer Vanacker is also an experienced martial artist and specializes in realistic and effective self defense training for individuals and groups.



Character is doing the right thing when nobody is watching.

J.C. Watts

“Firstly, I am not usually a person who gives firewall fives because I have simple but maybe high expectations for what I am receiving – be it food, fitness or merchandise. I “demand” good communication, a humble but knowledgeable presence, in-tune customer service (meaning I am not just someone you have to deal with) and ….Read more
“I worked with Sander aka Trainer Vanacker with personal training before we moved into group fitness.  I saw incredible gains, dropped weight, and became much more confident in myself and image after working out with him.  His methods work and I was extremely happy with the service, personal attention, cost effectiveness of his business. Did ….Read more
“I can’t speak highly enough of the classes and of Sander. I have tried a lot of different workout routines and I always tried to tease myself into saying I “enjoyed” them, yet ultimately, none of them stuck. A co-worker heard about a Living Social deal for Trainer Vanacker’s bootcamp and he knew some friends ….Read more




























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