• Trainer Vanacker

    Trainer Vanacker

    Belgian Native, resident of the Hamptons New York with a passion for fitness and cycling.

  • Personal Training

    Personal Training

    Private Personal Training with creative workouts and individual attention.

  • Online Coaching

    Online Coaching

    Custom training planning so you can work out when and where you want!

  • TRX® Online Program

    TRX® Online Program

    A 12 week Online TRX® program, built for results!

  • Kettle Bell Online Program

    Kettle Bell Online Program

    A 12 week online kettle bell program with all the support you need!

  • Weight Lifting Online Program

    Weight Lifting Online Program

    A 12 week weight lifting program to build mass, lean out and become a stronger you!

  • Kickboxing Online Program

    Kickboxing Online Program

    A 12 week online kickboxing program to get you in shape while learning life saving skills!

  • Cycling Coaching

    Cycling Coaching

    Be coached by an experienced road cyclist and coach to add structure to your rides!

  • Beach Outdoor Bootcamp

    Beach Outdoor Bootcamp

    An outdoor bootcamp series to get significant results in 6 weeks.

Character is doing the right thing when nobody is watching. J.C. Watts
  • “Firstly, I am not usually a person who gives firewall fives because I have simple but maybe high expectations for what I am receiving – be it food, fitness or merchandise. I “demand” good communication, a humble but knowledgeable presence, in-tune customer service (meaning I am not just someone you have to deal with) and ....Read more
    “I worked with Sander aka Trainer Vanacker with personal training before we moved into group fitness.  I saw incredible gains, dropped weight, and became much more confident in myself and image after working out with him.  His methods work and I was extremely happy with the service, personal attention, cost effectiveness of his business. Did ....Read more
    “I can’t speak highly enough of the classes and of Sander. I have tried a lot of different workout routines and I always tried to tease myself into saying I “enjoyed” them, yet ultimately, none of them stuck. A co-worker heard about a Living Social deal for Trainer Vanacker’s bootcamp and he knew some friends ....Read more

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