TRX has become very popular during the last few years.  All our clients use it and many other people have used it or at least seen it before.  TRX makes Suspension Bands and Rip Trainers (which are also coming to our studio soon).

IMG_4802Define Defense has been using TRX Suspension Bands since its opening weekend.  We absolutely love using them for many different reasons.  Because they are so great, our head instructor Sander completed the official TRX Suspension Bands certification course.

The background of it is pretty cool as well.  The founder was a Navy Seal Team leader and made the Suspension Band when they were on missions and in safe houses.  Since there is not much room in these places, they needed a way to stay in shape and work out their bodies.  That is how the Suspension Band was created.

Now, years later, it has become one of the best pieces of equipment that I have ever used.  My personal biggest reason of this is because you can work so many different muscle groups in ways that are hard to replicate.  You utilize your body in such a way that many parts of it are working at the same time, therefore it is extremely functional.  Although I do have huge reservations about ‘functional fitness’, the TRX band is the best example of how to do it right.  More about my take on functional fitness another time, just realize that TRX bands do work the entire body in every plane of motion.  Therefore, TRX training is very practical to strengthen your body for everyday use and activities.  It is also perfect to avoid injuries, coordination and body awareness (something that is very important for everyone and especially elderly people).

A great aspect of them for myself is that you can choose any intensity you want.  There are many adjustments you can do to change the difficulty and resistance of the exercise.  There is no doubt that you can do an extremely hard workout with the TRX Suspension Bands.  That is why it’s a perfect workout tool for any athlete because you can train for performance with them.  Of course, variation is key and I am a huge believer of using many different pieces of equipment, exercises etcetera but you can absolutely get a very intense workout with simply the TRX Suspension Band.

Many of our clients train for self defense, MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and more.  All of them are able to use the TRX bands very effectively.  It strengthens them, makes them react quicker, makes them less prone to injuries, creates better body awareness and core stability etcetera.

Define Defense offers 7 TRX / Cross Training classes every week and utilizes all our equipment during our martial arts classes as well to provide our clients with a great workout as well as learning effective skills for self defense, MMA, BJJ etc.

By Sander Vanacker, owner, head instructor and personal trainer of Define Defense Martial Arts & Personal Training.